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Easy Printing

Language: C++
Compiler: MS Visual C++ 5.0 SP3
Environment: Windows 9x/NT

What's this?

This is the easiest way to print data on printer without using all the MFC framework; you don't need document/view programming style to use a valid printing method. With this code it's possible to print everything wherever you are: it's possible to implement this printing method in a non-windows classes too with little modifies.

How does it work?

Download source code (14 kb)

This method uses following steps:

Of course you can print more than two page, or just one page too.

Remember: this method is really easy, but it's hard to use with complex page layout. If you have to design compex pages I suggest you to use the Richard Stringer Printing Class Library. It's fantastic: you can also define tables, print images, print rotated text and more.

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